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I come from a family known as the capulets. Our arch enimies Are the Montegues. The lovely Paris wants to marry me. but i am in love with my enemy.. romeo montegue.. my parents can onot know of this.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Act III, Scene 1 Newspaper Article Assignment

Terror struck the citizens of Verona when there was a knock-down, drag-out brawl between the Capulets and the Montagues. The end result was two fatalities and one missing person. The Capulets lost their fine cousin, Tybalt, and the prince lost his kin, Mercutio in this terrible fight. We interviewed Benvolio, of the Montagues, and had him tell his story. "That Tybalt came out of nowhere all like 'yo Romeo, I want to fight! I want to fight,' and Romeo was all 'nah man, I don't want to do this, I love you' and then Mercutio, always ready to fight was all like 'hey Tybalt, I can fight you,' and so then they started to fight but Romeo got in between them trying to make peace and then Tybalt reached around and stabbed Mercutio under Romeo's arm. Then, Mercutio died and I tried to comfort Romeo but there was no use. Then, Tybalt came up and Romeo got mad and lost his temper. I looked away for just a second and when I looked back, Romeo's sword was in Tybalt's chest. So, I told him to run and go find some place to stay." These families, as we all know, have been fighting for a while. But, Tybalt's man was there too and he said the story went the same way, except that Tybalt was minding his own business. Other eyewitnesses, on the other hand, agree with Benvolio's story. We interviewed the prince and all he had to say was "they will pay. they will pay." so we don't know exactly what is in store for the two families or if they'll find Romeo or not. I guess it's all just a waiting game for now. (DH)